Household Electric Heater Fan Heater Mini Heater Hand Warmer Small Household Appliances Small Cartoon Sun

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1: shell selection of ABS engineering flame retardant plastic, built-in professional PTC ceramic heating elements and 3600 turn silent fan
2: high efficient heating, automatic constant temperature and oxygen consumption, that is, the heat, the maximum power 250W, energy saving and environmental protection said.
3: small size can bring it to any need for a warm place with bracket, can stand firmly!
4: there is a cooling hole behind, no radiation, no flame, is home, office of the ideal small electrical appliances.
Working principle:
The use of motor driven rotating blades, produce air circulation, cold air through the heater heating element, heat exchange, achieve the purpose of warming. The inside of the device is provided with a finite temperature device, and when the air inlet is blocked by the air blower, the air outlet can be automatically cut off.
Heaters Caution:
1, do not directly dry the clothes on the heater
No electric heating airer set, do not be covered in warmer clothes. In so doing, one can avoid burning clothes, on the other hand can also prevent the heater shell internal heat conduction oil pressure caused by oil leakage, shell cracking.
2, in the use of the bathroom to pay attention to water
Even the heater waterproof type, also not too close to the bathtub, washbasin or shower, and try to avoid direct water heater to the bathroom shower. The bathroom heater never placed directly below the power socket, because the heater release thermals can easily be roasted bad socket.
3, a long time to pay attention to the use of the skin replenishment
In winter, long-term contact with electric heating, must pay extra attention to the skin replenishment, moisturizing, usually to drink plenty of water.


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