Lige AMOLED Smartwatch 2022 NFC Wrist Watches For Women Smart Watch Woman HD Screen Bluetooth Call Fashion Ladie Clock Smartban

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Lige AMOLED Smartwatch 2022 NFC Wrist Watches For Women Smart Watch Woman HD Screen Bluetooth Call Fashion Ladie Clock Smartban


The most special feature of this smart watch is that it has an AMOLED high-definition screen, NFC, password unlocking, making calls, answering calls, rejecting calls and more.

Languages supported by this smartwatch:

Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Thai, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, French, German, Italian, Korean, Arabic, Hebrew, Hindi, Polish, Dutch, Turkish, Indonesian, Czech language

The basic features of this smartwatch:

1. Dual bluetooth chip calling model, the bracelet plays bluetooth music and bluetooth calls.

15 sports modes, heart rate detection, blood pressure detection, blood oxygen detection, pedometer (check recent data records on the bracelet)


2. Time and date display, step counting, calories, distance with screen display, 50 communication contact functions of the bracelet


3. Sleep monitoring (sleep time, sleep quality)


4. Standard sports functions (step counting, distance, calories), GPS track sports


5. There are three menu effects of honeycomb, rotary, and array, five mechanical digital dials, with massive dials and custom dials, 20 message storage reminders to view, slide adjustment to increase or decrease volume and brightness.



Reminder function:

1. Call reminder, SMS, QQ, WeChat, DingTalk, Wangxin, Sina Weibo, lnstagram, linkeln, Snapchat, Tumblr, Facebook, Skype, Twitter, WhatsApp, Line, KakaoTalk message content push


2. Stopwatch, find mobile phone, reach the standard reminder, drink water reminder, raise your hand to brighten the screen, sedentary reminder, alarm clock reminder 5, shake to take pictures



Special Function:

Weather, Smart Alarm Clock, Raise Hand to Brighten Screen, Bright Screen Time, Find Phone, Find Bracelet, Reject Call, Shake to Take Photo, Do Not Disturb Mode (Do Not Disturb time setting, turn off bracelet vibration, turn off message reminder)


This is the latest smart watch in 2022. The smart watch includes charging, instruction manual, and box. It can be given as a gift to yourself, family and friends.

Sa5bd85d3bd5a48f8ab268f5869f888372Love at first sight with this ladies smartwatch

The unique texture of aerospace plate ceramics is unforgettable. High temperature refining makes the texture more white and delicate. After polishing, the surface of the ceramic body is smooth and flawless. At first glance, you will feel very beautifulSd0157dc50b9940bbbfbeb3e7c8f1b37cdThe beauty of the refined details of this smartwatch
Bioceramic body, sapphire glass

The watch body is made of bio-ceramic, with a sapphire glass mirror of the screen, the look and feel is shining and transparent
, exquisite crown, more temperament
S35bdac8d80624741a3446530ef54a4eauWith a slight turn, the goal is straight to the point

Simply turn the “rotating crown” to switch dials, and zooming applications brings you a smooth operating experienceS45d2fc1a84bf4e8897c48eac53264403tThis smart watch comes with multiple functions such as answering calls, making calls, rejecting calls, etc.

Always pay attention, always online, the watch supports Bluetooth dialing, you can dial and make calls on the watch, the watch has its own bass noise reduction, speakers, it is not convenient to use the mobile phone, you can also make calls, check the address book, and play musicSaf3aeb63d19b4d5387bc542d99b657f9uThe menu page of this smart watch, a variety of menus, switch at will

Cool scrolling and classic regular lists, switch at will, meet diversified aesthetics, and match according to mood, outfit and occasionSd7ce9645ee00415ba08d14226936c75bNThis smartwatch watch face wallpaper page

A variety of dials, switch at will, all have a variety of styles, a variety of exclusive design dials, bring a variety of styles to the watch, you can choose the dial to display the time concisely and clearly, and more rich dials have been launched, support DIY Album DialSc41bc09dc5e542b59b6231722616e5d2Bplay music

This smart watch has the function of playing music, you can listen to music directly through the watch, which is super convenient in life.S02a7bfd0d7aa48d7884b859f66213ec5AHeart rate test function

This smart watch has a heart rate test function, 24-hour heart rate monitoring.Built in professional heart rate monitoring module, combined with mainstream Al algorithm Check your heart rate in real time and record the change of heart rate in 24 hoursS596d453f4fa840199569d1ee43fd1370cSc3f55741b22f444488a383cf0bf2b803KThis smart watch comes with women’s menstrual cycle function

Menstrual period and ovulation period, not only can all record, but also remind you before comingScddcd6bc71f74b099a360bbf7099d215PInfrared pulse wave High precision blood oxygen measurement technology

The accuracy of pulse wave time difference method (PWTT) is much.higher than that of simple optical measurement method Regularly measure blood oxygen, especially during sleep toensure the time of blood oxygen Keep at normal levelSea2f6b58cb0247d8a31552c13a3cbc5eqS8bc7c7e1b12940129d9fab3f848d46b8mS552f2d14b5cf4c268a8b5e6772a5038esSd1f1a5969fd44b7c9d65f800f0286598iS001c4e11ffc04b4091ffc1e7f4d770f8SS3290d305a0ff4586bdc258f4cabdb5f57Sdce9b192f91445e9a1b5b6fabf66a60aV




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